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As easy as pi?

Hardware like Lego Robots, Arduinos, and Raspberry Pis have a reputation for being easy intros to tech in the classroom. But how usable are they? Continue reading

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Everyone can program

Everyone can program. Maybe not right at this instant. But everyone has the ability to learn to program. It’s really true. Some people disagree – mostly people who believe that they can’t program, it’s too hard. But everyone really can program. Bear … Continue reading

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Introducing my Code Breakers

Teachers! Want to learn about the Digital Technologies Curriculum? Need someone to teach you all about code? Code Breaker Education is ready to teach you, and support you along the way. I have been worried for a long time about how … Continue reading

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Do we really want to teach everyone to code?

There’s been a lot of noise in the media about learning to code lately. Bill Shorten says all kids should do it. Tony Abbott says it’s a joke, despite it being part of his own party’s education policy. And more … Continue reading

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