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As easy as pi?

Hardware like Lego Robots, Arduinos, and Raspberry Pis have a reputation for being easy intros to tech in the classroom. But how usable are they? Continue reading

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Everyone can program

Everyone can program. Maybe not right at this instant. But everyone has the ability to learn to program. It’s really true. Some people disagree – mostly people who believe that they can’t program, it’s too hard. But everyone really can program. Bear … Continue reading

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The geek gene is dead. Long live the geek gene.

“No-one I know seriously believes in a geek gene,” is a line I hear a lot. Perhaps this means that he (it’s usually a he) thinks that no-one truly attributes programming ability to genetics. But when we talk about a … Continue reading

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Demystifying the Dig Tech Curriculum – Part 3

It has taken me rather a while to get around to the final part of my Demystifying the Digital Technologies Curriculum posts, but yesterday I received an email from someone who is actually using the posts in her work, eagerly … Continue reading

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