Why Compute It Simple?

I teach at a Science School. The more I interact with these very passionate students, the more I realise that they need Computer Science to succeed in Science. Even those who don’t want to go on and do Computer Science need some understanding of it.

Computer Science is integral to Science these days. You have data you want to analyse? to visualise? to mine for information? You’re going to need Computer Science. You have experiments that are long, expensive, or just difficult to run? You’re going to need Computer Science to simulate that.

Yet too many of our kids still see Computer Science as a bizarre, inexplicable field populated by spotty, unwashed nerds with no conversational skills.

I’m aiming to change that. And to do that we need a lot of conversation around a whole heap of things:

  • What’s keeping kids out of CS?
  • How do we change their perception of CS?
  • What kinds of activities get kids hooked on CS?
  • What’s keeping girls out of CS?
  • How do we give the kids we have brought into CS the best possible introduction to it?
  • What (if any) is the difference between IT and CS?

This blog is an attempt to start those conversations, and maybe make some progress towards some answers.

Wish me luck, and join me along the way!



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