Australian Data Science Education Institute

I am thrilled to be able to launch the Australian Data Science Education Institute.

We are a Not for Profit organisation dedicated to supporting the teaching and learning of Data Science at all levels, and right across the curriculum. We can help you put Data Science into your Science, Maths, and Humanities classes. Check us out at

I am moving my Computing Education blog to the ADSEI site, so check out the blog page and sign up to the mailing list to keep track of the resources, ideas, workshops, and community of practice that ADSEI can help you with.

About Dr Linda McIver

Dr Linda McIver pioneered authentic Data Science and Computational Science education with real impact for secondary students and founded the Australian Data Science Education Institute in 2018. Author of Raising Heretics: Teaching Kids to Change the World, Linda is an inspiring keynote speaker who has appeared on the ABC’s panel program Q&A, and regularly delivers engaging Professional Development for Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Educators across all disciplines. A passionate educator, researcher and advocate for STEM, equity and inclusion, with a PhD in Computer Science Education and extensive teaching experience, Linda’s mission is to ensure that all Australian students have the opportunity to learn STEM and Data Science skills in the context of projects that empower them to solve problems and make a positive difference to the world.
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