Supercomputing Odyssey

Today I am in Salt Lake City, Utah, ready for the start of SC16. Four year 10s and I will spend a week learning about the applications of Supercomputing, and being blown away by the technology, effect, and passion of those involved in Supercomputing.

From NASA to Nvidia, from earthquakes to nuclear power, supercomputing is increasingly pervasive. It’s an extraordinary opportunity for 4 year 10 students and one high school Computer Science teacher. Our challenge is to bring back and share as much of the wonder, the passion, and the extraordinary reach of supercomputing as we can.

From Computational Science to just-in-time delivery, from the A380 we flew in on to Amazon’s book deliveries, from pandemic management to climate change, supercomputing is changing our understanding of, and our approach to, the universe.

I’ll be blogging about it here as much as possible, and you can follow our journey at the student blog, or on twitter as @scjmss , or on Facebook

Our trip is generously funded by Monash University Faculty of Information Technology and Papercut Software International.

Come join us and learn how supercomputing is shaping your world!



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Australian Freelance Writer, Teacher, & Computer Scientist
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